Help / FAQ

I can not rent the shoes alone !

You can not book shoes alone on the site. If you want a pair of shoes, do not hesitate to contact the store directly (phone number on the store presentation page) or at +33 4 50 05 19 36.

I would like to book several packs for different periods. How to do?

You must make a reservation by different period.

I rented on the internet and confirmed the booking of the equipment and would like to change my booking. Is it possible?

Contact us directly so that we can integrate the changes.

How does I know where the rental of my equipment is?

Go to on the presentation page of the store where you rented. This page has a heading with a map that locates the store on it and the address of it.

I do not know all the details of weight, sizes for all my reservation. Can I still rent on the Internet?

Weights and sizes fields are not mandatory. This information is important for the preparation of your material. You can book and send this information later.

I lost my order confirmation or did not receive it!

Contact us so we can send you a confirmation.

The discounts granted on are also valid at the store directly?

Discounts are only valid offers on the Internet.

The more the rental of a pair of ski will be expensive, the more it will perform ?

On the hardware page when booking online, a level graduation will help you identify your package according to your level.